June 3, 2005

Some Favorite Features

Posted in Commentary at 9:13 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Ahhh… the F11 key… makes all those nasty windows go away 🙂  Now I’m wondering if I can reprogram my Windows keyboard to do the same thing. I have the wannabe Object Dock on all of my Windows boxes and so I can see a few things like the F11 that would be very, very handy indeed.

Back to my bitching and whinning 😉  Why does Apple have to screw around with CUPs?  CUPs is a prefectly good way to print and EVERY Linux box I have (several) supports my D-135 HP all in one for at least printing. So I figure this was a no-brainer for Apple. So sad is he.. not a driver to be found for the D-135. Salvation comes in the form of Gimp-Print where one can get CUPs and all the damn drivers that should be there.

I have to say I’m happy to see much of my Linux skill set it transferring over nicely. It’s nice to have a pretty front end like Aqua but still have a real command line at the ready unlike Windows with the ancient COMMAND/CMD/DOS command line. 


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