June 3, 2005

Wireless Mac, NOT..

Posted in Commentary at 8:45 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Now it’s the wireless. I knew from past experience that the Mac is picky about wireless, but not to work with the standard hackers access point, the Linksys/Cisco, is pretty damn sad. The iMac will happily work with the cisco 340 I have but not the hacked Linksys which talks to EVERYTHING I have thrown at it. And from my perspective, the Apple wireless tool sucks wind on this. It’s too damn friendly and does not give enough information to help the troubleshooting along. I’m sure its a WEP issue so I’m planning on beating on it this weekend.

This is just not right.. Apple should make sure that their wireless works with everything and not be so picky.

On to the research… I did read today that this is quite the issue with Tiger and the Linksys. So how you build a world class OS and platform and blow it so badly on supporting something like wireless? Points to Windows and my Linux boxes as they all work with the Linksys.


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