June 4, 2005

To Print, Oh to Print

Posted in Commentary at 7:58 am by Michael Sweeney Media

Here we are again, no Linksys wireless yet but I decided to try something “easier” like adding a networked printer. Yeah, right, sure. Piece O’ cake… not exactly.

I know about CUPS from my Linux work but adding a printer should have been just a point and click. Lets admit it, adding printers is one of the few things Windows can do without too many issues. And as long as I’m attaching locally, so is the Mac. If I want to share a Windows shared printer, oh my god.. here we go again to google to find the hidden secrets. Just how in the hell do I get the shares to show up for the Mac? This should not be rocket science. Linux picks them up right away and some distros will do it automagically(is this a word? if not, it should be)
So I find myself at a command line making sure that the CUPS backend is configured
mikesweeney$ cd /usr/libexec/cups/backend
mikesweeney$ ln -s /usr/bin/smbspool smb
As it turns out, it’s already configured so goes running Tiger when the rest of the world is still on Panther. I can live with this.
So back to google..
Ahh… a site called macOSXhints.com You have to love the name 🙂 And a article that looks like it may help.
So, I need to go to :
And now I have a GUI of sorts to help manage my CUPS. My cup runneth over 😉
How bout this … I can go to manage printer and now I have test pages, status, set as default etc.. let see if I can do some damage here.
Well.. at least I have all my choices of a networked printer BUT, my Brother driver which I just installed does not show up. Shit..
Also, it’s interesting that my user name did not let me login to CUPs, I had to use my administrator account. It would be nice if that had been pointed out on the page.
Stay tuned… dont change that dial… same bat-time… same bat-channel


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