June 5, 2005

nasty AirPorts.. we hatesss them… they ruinsss it

Posted in Commentary at 8:24 am by Michael Sweeney Media

This is a good news/bad news kind of entry. The good news is I got the Epson 1280 with my CIS(continuous  ink system) working pretty well on the Mac. All due to Panther drivers from Epson that happen to work with Tiger. My goal of using Photoshop on the Mac is now accomplished. My Windows never worked well with the Epson, it was always screwing up the color profile and the Mac worked like a champ first time.  Whoopeee !!

The bad news that Apple’s POS wireless card refuses to work with the Linksys access point even with WEP turned off. Every other box in this office works fines with it but the #&#(@#0 Airport refuses..  can I use someone else’s card?  The pisser about it is that the Airport works with the OLD Cisco 340 AP. But it’s only 11Mb.. 6 if you are truthful about it.

Right now I’m installing the iWork trial and I spent some time with iCal today. I had not understood how easy iCal is to use and I found a cool site which most Mac users probably know already but for the newbies, go to iCalShare and check it out.

Also today is the installation of Pro-Tools freebie. After hearing about it, I have to try it and see just how well it works.


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