June 7, 2005

My Brother, the Printer

Posted in Commentary at 8:43 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Yippeeee… my Brother 5150 is printing over the network. What a pain in the butt. Definitely not for the kiddies to try on their own.

Short version. get updated drivers for CUPS from Brother’s website. Then configure the Windows XP box with unix(TCP) services so I have an LPD running. Now configure the Brother on the XP box to use LPR and make sure it’s talking to the parallel port that the printer is on.

Back to the Mac, configure a new print queue using LPR and the Brother drivers. Curse at Apple for making the printer tool too damn friendly when you mistype the queue, I did not see an easy way to edit the setting. Play whack the queue several times and keep trying to send a print job. Finally, I have it all working. Not nearly as easy as it should be and I’m very puzzled why SAMBA is not showing up in the tool but I can get to it from the CUPS admin web Page. But, from the Admin page, the brother printer driver is not available.. DAMN THESE PEOPLE…

I finally gave up on the AirPort for a while. I need the damn Mac to work, not mess with the wireless as much as I would like to be using it. I will go back to it later. I hear a rumor of a Tiger update soon so maybe someone will take pity on us using Linksys and fix their software.

Speaking of AirPorts.. I did find some way cool pages on fixing the AirPort base units. I had to have over 75 IBM pcs fixed a few years ago due to capacitors exploding. It would appear that Apple got some of these cheeseball caps also.

Fixing the Graphite and other base units

Speaking of fun, I have Final Cut Express 3.0 HD heading this way…  wheeeeeeee….

I also had some fun tonight playing “rip the dvd” with mactheripper. Niffty piece of programming and it’s fast. Ripped “Matrix: revolutions” in 23 minutes.


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