June 9, 2005

Installing, backing up, booting

Posted in Commentary at 6:34 am by Michael Sweeney Media

I feel like I have just been installing “stuff” for days now and I have not had a backup yet. Maybe it’s just my experience of not trusting Windows very much to be stable (can we say registry?) and always taking a snapshot. But, I need to back up the mac. What I want to use the Carbon Copy but it’s broke under Tiger without an ETA of a patch. The Apple tool which I tried yesterday (Backup from Mac.com) works but only on select types of files, not the entire system. LaCie has a freebie called “Silver Keeper” which I tried and it does back up the entire system but slooooowly. And, when I tried to boot off the firewire drive with the new image, no go, no dice, nada 😦

I wish apple had something like Acronis True Image or Ghost. Maybe they
do and I just need to find it.

On the plus side I just installed my FInal Cut Express 3.0… nice.. very nice.


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