June 12, 2005

Building music videos

Posted in Commentary at 7:51 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

We had the acid test of the iMac today. Over the past two days we ripped about 20 DVDs of different movies to get 5 seconds here, 10 seconds there and so on to build a music video for my oldest daughter’s film project. We used mactheripper to get the raw files and then we used MPEG Streamclip to clip out the parts we needed and to save them as MPEG. We used iMovie to build up the video with the various clips and finally used Quicktime to compile it all down to a DV file. I learned that iDVD is going to be a must have unless I can find something else that ties into iMovie or Final Cut Express. NTI’s tool does not which really bummed me out. At least I’m able to back up all the files using NTI’s software.

On the plus side, the iMac found and used an older HP 300 DVD external DVD burner I had sitting around. The burner was always a pain with Windows as Windows would never see it without the junky HP drivers and all the crap that HP made you install. Tiger just picked it up and went, yep, a DVD burner, cool. Impressive.

With all the ripping, burning, editing, the iMac never once crashed, hung or otherwise gave me fits unlike my Windows box which crashed all the time with video software or went very, very, very slow with the encoding. I’ll never use a PC for video again, never, no way, not ever again.

I’m working with Photoshop on the Mac and it’s faster then my Windows version but they are very close. I never had CS crash on Windows but it did tend to lag some. The real problem was printer profiles on the PC. Windows could never get it right or keep it right. The iMac is alot closer but too dark in contrast out of the box. I need to do it right and see how close I can get. At least the magenta is not way over the top like Windows was. Even after real installing the printer drivers several times.


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