June 14, 2005

Burn Baby, Burn

Posted in Commentary at 6:07 am by Michael Sweeney Media

Hot damn… I just install a new copy of iLife with iDVD and the burner software sees the ancient HP 300 DVD external burner just fine. Excellent news for my swelling Mac budget. So much for a low cost test 🙂 I was able to create the DVD straight from iMovie and then burn it. The result is one very happy daughter which makes for a happy dad.

The AirPort still sucks wind and now I’m really starting to wonder if I may not have a hardware failure?

At the store yesterday getting software and books, I found a LaCie 512 GB external hard drive. Damn, half a terabyte on the desktop. So how does one back up their data now with these kinds of drives? In the real world, an LTO3 drive will set you back about 3K and thats only good for 400GB on the tape. Buy two and mirror? Fine till the house gets knocked down by an earthquake, slides down the hill or turns to ashes. Which is why tape is still so appealing. It’s very portable, in some cases we have all read about recently, too portable. I can see where internet storage of key files will possibly become “the way” to store crucial data. Upload to a trusted (that is the key) data site and it’s safe and relatively secure. Apple has the idea with the iDrive on mac dot com. But, even with high speed access, it can be painful to upload anything other than small files. Can you see trying to upload a DVD worth of files? 4 gigs? I dunno about you all but my download is 3Mb but my upload is capped to 384K.. ugh. And I have it good compared to many around here. Dialup? no way.. you are screwed with a capital S.

Well.. off to work and another dime 😉


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