June 17, 2005

You know its been a long week when..

Posted in Commentary at 9:39 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

I got Carbon Copy Cloner to work using a workaround listed on the site by running it from the command line. The “drag and drop” from Desktop to CLI is a way cool feature. But, the #(*#( firewire drive still wont boot. I think it’s just the cheapo firewire case I have. So it’s time to backup and format the LaCie unit which has been on Windows for the past two years.

The DVD software while very limited does work very well so long as you keep to the limits. I got two new books on iMovie/iDVD and Final Cut Express. The iMovie is the “Missing Manual” guide and it’s pretty well written and illustrated. The quality of the book is just like the Mac, high. The FCE book is one of the Visual Quickstart Guides and it is not as clearly written as the Missing Manaul but still full of very good info and pictures. Now I just need the time to really read through them 🙂

I have to say that I am still impressed with the overall quality of the Mac vs. the typical PC. The software is amazingly good. Aside from my quibbles over the #^#&AirPort card and the printing. But I have yet to crash the overall OS.

Visio is another matter. I have yet to find a application that works well enough as a sub for Visio and I use Visio ALOT. I have a couple to try that claim they can import/export Visio so I guess we will give it a try. Right now I have “OmniGraffle” loaded up and while it’s easy to use, no Visio support. Correction, they claim to be able to export Visio XML in the beta so I just loaded the beta and we will find out.

For iPhoto which I really dislike, I LOVE Picasa on Windows, I found “Portraits and Prints” which comes close to filling the gap. Not completely but close. Its easy to use and offers a nice range of print options and styles which is more than I can say for iPrint.


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