June 23, 2005

High Value to Dollar Spent

Posted in Commentary at 6:00 am by Michael Sweeney Media

Some word is sneaking out on the new Intel-Mac at ThinkSecret. It seems that Windows loads fine aside from Windows being broken on the 23 inch dispay. No surprise there given my own experiences with Windows on my Dell M700 and 6000 wide screens. And those were from Windows OEMs and it still did not work right until I hacked the reg. But, alas, Darwin whinned about installing on a non-Apple supplied Intel hardware platform. But as with all security, this too will pass πŸ™‚

I found a couple of cool “booklets” at takcontrolbooks.com. These are chapters available for purchase of 5 bucks per which is a deal. Delivery is electronic PDF format and the layout has been optimized for screen ready. The writing is clear and concise with excellent graphics.

The book I’ve been using this week is called “Take Control of Customizing Tiger” and offers a wealth of ideas for tweaking Tiger both using it’s own tools and using third party applications. A part that was a favorite of mine is the discussion over managing open windows. A “feature” in tiger which I dont care for is that when I click the center wheel(F9) to see all my windows and then click on the one I want, Tiger does not stack the application windows based on the active window I selected. Sometimes the next window I need is several windows down in the stack which is very annoying. So I found out in this booklet, there are a few tools to help me with this “problem”. That right there is worth the 5 bucks. But, I found more than this one piece of help so I’m way ahead in value vs. dollars spent. I wish all my books were such a value πŸ™‚

Other booklets available are:

  • Taking Control of upgrading to Tiger
  • Take Control of Users and Accounts in Tiger
  • Take Control of Sharing Files in Tiger
  • Take Control of Mac OSX Backups
  • Take Control of Whats New in Word 2004

You should check out the site and see what is being offered, they have some great stuff and they are a bunch of good people that deserve our support.


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