June 24, 2005

Overreacting by those who dont know better

Posted in Commentary at 9:28 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

I just read a story where a group of teens at a high school are about to have their lives ruined with a felony conviction by over zealous administrators and hicktown police. The short version is that the school gave out a few Apple laptops to students as an “experiement” and somewhere along the line, the students got the ‘master password” which allowed them to reconfigure some of the lock down of the Macs. You know where this is going.. MP3s, dirty pictures etc. Big deal.. big surprise. Slap their hands, take the laptop away and send through an ethics class and probably some time off from school. A bully gets ten days for beating the hell out of a fellow student so this should be around the same, Right? Wrong.. the school is pressing felony charges (3rd degree) against the kids. Felony??? Who the fuck are these people to do this? Most people who get caught doing something stupid like this get hours of community service and a lesson on proper ethics. Not destroy a kids professiona life before he/she is even out of high school. I can go and assault a teacher not not be charged with felony.. well, I could but the odds are in my favor of not being charged. I see it all the time around here.

Anyways.. the story can be found here.

Nothing like stupid people in places of power to really screw things up. Oh yeah.. we have a Govt based on that πŸ˜‰



  1. Anonymous said,

    Owwwwwww!!! My eyes are in excruciating pain, the white text on black background can and does give everyone a headache, otherwise, a well written blog…

  2. MikeS said,

    Hehe.. my old eyes find just the opposite. On the bright side, it’s better then the greens and reds I’ve seen. But you make a good point and I will have to play around some with colour schemes to see (pun intended) what might be easier on the eyes.

  3. Anonymous said,

    good blog! ill visit soon. i kinda liked the colours 😦

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