June 24, 2005

Streams and Dreams

Posted in Commentary at 6:12 am by Michael Sweeney Media

I spent last night working with the Apple Remote Desktop Client for Windows and I have to say that I’m impressed. Not only is the screen fairly fast on the refresh/updates, but the sound!! I streamed my Musicmatch tunes for the better part of 3 hours and I could not tell I was streaming the music from the PC using any kind of remote software other than the tunes are coming from my Mac speaker. Now, I need to fix that since I have much nicer speakers on the PC than I do on the Mac but that involves getting down on the floor and into the dust bunnies so perhaps a bit later.

I dont know about you but I’m currently dragging a open external drive case around so I can swap drives in and out for a varity of reasons. I just found this firewire adapter which looks pretty promising to be cleaner and easier than my current half a case which is pretty tacky at a customer’s site. It also comes with USB support and Firewire 800 so all worlds are covered. I plan to write to them and see if the FW400 version will boot a Mac because my half a case will not.

A way cool site that I just wasted a few hours at is called “Hack a Day” And it is alot of fun to poke around at. All kinds of time consuming hacks to read about and to day dream about. A few I’ve seen elsewhere but a few were new to me. As a fan of the new MAKE magazine, this sort of site just sucks me into the vortex of wasting time 🙂

I’m still pissed about the AirPort card being such a pain in the ass with my Linksys router but I have a new WAP54G which is just a plain ol’ AP with a power hack to try this weekend. I’ll be surprised if it works but hey! who knows .

The printers after all the struggles have been very reliable, even the Epson has kept it’s colour profile which is unlike Windows where it was a constant struggle to keep the profile right, everything kept shifting to magenta.

I just ordered a new 160 gig drive to replace my current 80 which is wayyyyyy to small for any kind of video work as I found out recently making a couple of DVDs of a HBO mini-series for the inlaws. This brings up a new point. It used to be to record a show for the inlaws required nothing more than punching in a VHS tape and making sure the recorder was set for the proper time. No mess, no fuss. Now, with the advent of DVDs and the death of VHS, I have to record the shows on my homebrew PVR, transfer the MPEG2 files to the Mac, Convert to DV stream, add a pretty menu and then burn a disk. This is progress? I dont think so.


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