June 26, 2005

Successfully upgrades

Posted in Commentary at 9:00 am by Michael Sweeney Media

Whoooweeee… Carbon Copy Cloner works!! Well, I knew it would but it’s always nice when it works the time you really need it. The iMac is now running on a 160 gig internal drive and it took about two hours. the trick to use CCC with Tiger was this:

MAC-G5:~ mikesweeney$ sudo open /Applications/Carbon\ Copy\ Cloner.app/

You are prompted for your password and then rock on. I did run repair permissions using the disk tool and the new drive came right up.

I also modd’ed my console with this command to get the proper scroll bars:

MAC-G5:~ mikesweeney$ defaults write “Apple Global Domain” AppleScrollBarVariant DoubleBoth

I found this in one of the niffty TakeControl books I’ve mentioned before.

Now off to clean out the garage 🙂


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