June 27, 2005


Posted in Commentary at 11:27 am by Michael Sweeney Media

I got Skype working yesterday and was able to have a conversation with a friend of mine over across the pond at jolly old England. Amazingly, the quality was very good, almost as good as a landline and we were using just some cheapo mics. He was on a Windows box and I was on the Mac and everything worked just as Skype says it will. I am using a Telex Digital mic and I will be upgrading to something better in the near future as I want to play with some podcasting ideas.

The Mac has something annoying with it’s audio that I had read about and finally heard it. The output of the audio is about a second behind real time. So with the RadioShark, what I head is about 1 second behind the real radio and I’m told this is true for most audio which drives people crazy in podcasting. My Windows laptop does have this delay or it’s shorter where I can not hear it. So whats up with the Mac? You can’t tell me that a G5 doesnt have enough processing power to do real time audio if my dinky Centrino laptop can manage it.

Oh well.. I always have something to complain about 🙂


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  1. pbc said,

    Your issue is called “audio latency”. It might be because you are monitoring your recording session thru software playback and not direct hardware playback. Check the settings of your software product you are recording with and be sure you are using a hardware thru and not software thru. (your software may use other verbage)

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