July 1, 2005

Hell Week

Posted in Commentary at 7:25 am by Michael Sweeney Media

The military has nothing on me for this week at the office. While not Mac related, it certainly impacted my ablity to play with my Mac and explore the cool features. A client of mine had their Exchange server “go away” when the RAID controller decided it was done and didnt want to play anymore. All blank disks at 6pm on a Monday and end of quarter. Shit..shit..shit.. I had already been there 8 hours and this happens. And the server was NOT documented in anyway so we were flying by the seat of our pants. There were backups but I have been suspect of them for weeks now and they were not part of my contract and the Sysadmin didnt want to talk to me about them. So the sysadmin is out for vacation, no docs and marginal backups. Sounds like fun to me.

After spending 3 hours on the phone with Dell we decide there zero ways to recover the data in a timely manner so it’s rebuild time. Reinstall Windows, get MS on the phone and reinstall Exchange with their help since I’m NOT an Exchange geek and then we watch our backups fail. Of course.. but we were able to get the stores off the tapes but none of the configuration. So after a 2 hour restore, we had the basic server up and running. Now webmail is broke, the Notes connector is broke (it just gets better) and people’s cached outlook is not picking up any new mail even though it’s there.

Webmail needed a new SSL certificate since the original was lost and who knows if the sysadmin had a copy. He would not answer his phone nor call in so it’s as good as lost. So webmail is up now. Then it’s getting the 5.5 server with Notes talking to 2000. We find that MS forget to tell us to install the Active Directory Connector so the 5.5 box can use and be seen by the AD. Coolness.. Notes is alive and well. The outlook issue is a bug in outlook but the fix of whacking the profiles is nasty and prone to biting us due to all kinds of personal folder shit. So we figure that a simple move of the mail box to a different store and back fixes all the Outlook problems. And we have a backup of sorts running using NTbackup while we get Veritas back online with Exchange in the correct manner.

Sum total was 8am to 11am the next day and then another 14 hours the day after. Over 56 hours so far to recover this server due to faulty backups and not a shred of documentation. When admin gets in on Monday, he’s gonna be hating life..

On the Mac side of life, I just got the WORX book called “Basic Applescript” to start learning about Applescript and how it might help me. So it looks pretty straight forward and pretty flexible. The best part, 40 % off the list price… score!!!

I just fired up my new server for email (Kerio) and storage. P4 3Ghz with 2 SATA drives in RAID1 for now for a total of 500gig and my recycled 80 gig SATA from my iMac as the boot drive. I wonder if I can get Darwin running in this??? hmmmmm… I have the CDs here 🙂 Looks like it’s gonna be a long weekend of the GOOD kind!


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