July 3, 2005

Fourth of July

Posted in Commentary at 9:40 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

I cant believe a year is half gone. Damn.. where has it gone? I just finished installing Windows Small Business Server 2003 and would you believe that the iMac works very well with it? The new Outlook 2003 web interface is nice, very nice. Better than most others I’ve seen for the Mac. And it works under Firefox although, funny as it sounds, the IE for the Mac has problems. Real problems like massive popups after hitting ONE site and that was MSN. What a bump of crap.

My radioShark is fast becoming a favorite toy of mine. I use it almost daily to catch NPR (89.3 KPCC) and some tunes from a local blues station(88.1 ). I have had to move it around a bit to get the best reception. I really wish they had a jack for an external FM antenna. Maybe I’ll take mine apart and see if I could give it a quick hack to make it right. How hard can it be?

I had Word for the Mac lock up on me today. Word is the ONLY app so far I have been able to break on the iMac. go figure..

I just broke down and bought the pro version of “Portraits and Prints”. If you have been reading along, you know I hate iPicture when I compare it Picassa which is a much better application. The good folks at Econ have a decent product and I decided that it was worth the 50 bucks. It works and does a fair job of those quick but nice prints you always need for the family members. For the good stuff, I still use Photoshop CS.. never leave home with it 🙂


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  1. FreeiPodGuy said,

    Howdy. I know your original post is ancient history at this point, but I wanted tell you (if you haven’t already discovered this) that the radioSHARK does indeed have an FM antenna jack. It’s the headphone jack.

    I have an old pair of broken earbuds plugged into my radioSHARK, and when it’s plugged in the FM reception is MUCH better. Others have had limited success with this.

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