July 5, 2005

Log this

Posted in Commentary at 9:13 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

I just found the System Profiler tool. This is a handy tool to be sure. Everything I wanted to know about my Mac and the software installed on it in one handy place. I was happy to see a place where I can easily pull up the log files without having to terminal to /var/log/ to read them but I also see that some housekeeping is in order as my older logs are not being deleted. Time for a script 🙂 I suspect Apple has something somewhere to do this but I dont feel like waiting 3 months to find out. I also need to find where I can turn on some custom logging for better details of a few things. I plan to revist the whole subject of wireless and my Linksys in a few weeks so I need to be a logging fool by then.

It’s time for some more RAM. I have 512 but I plan to take this iMac to a gig for now. I’m taking my new server to 2 gig and load on VMware to replace a couple of my physical boxes. I need to get the iMac yaking to Active Directory.. this ought to be a trick. I know that it can be done, but I dont have the details just yet. More googling!


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