July 6, 2005

Mickysoft and their games

Posted in Commentary at 7:15 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Man oh man… trying to get the iMac to use Active Directory is a chore. I did find a decent site at “Things I wish I had Known” where directions are given in detail. the fact that MS decided to encrypt the SMB (server messaging block) which just messes with everyone. And of course, the way to turn it off is so straightforward.. not! And just to make matters better, I’m using the dot local domain for my subnet here just to really mess with my head. Why not?

On a happier note, I’m shopping for a good text/code editor right now. I have BBedit installed and I like it alot but the price is a killer for a hohum and sometime programmer like me. So I need to find something as good or close and cheaper. I see that BareBones has a freebie, I guess I’ll grab that and see how it works.


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