July 8, 2005

X Marks the Spot

Posted in Commentary at 11:16 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Hey..hey.. the Mac can speak X Windows very nicely using SSH as the tunnel, blowfish as the protocol and a few tweaks of permissions. I have right now, my Linux email client, Evolution happily running on my tiger desktop. I used SSH with Blowfish as the protocol.

ssh -c blowfish -l root

this line opened the ssh session with blowfish to my Fedora Core 2 box running as a guest on VMware.

[root@Fedora-Core2 root]# export DISPLAY=

Now I’ve pushed out my DISPLAY from Linux to the iMac. I did have to use the xhost + command to get the Mac to accept the connection. I know it’s not very elegant but I’m tired! So sue me 🙂
Finally, within the ssh session, we type in

evolution &

and rock and roll.. Linux email on the Mac desktop.. weeeeeeeee…

Now I have to play with X some more.


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