July 9, 2005

X Redux

Posted in Commentary at 6:43 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

It’s so nice to see x apps running on my Mac desktop. I found out that the Mac handles things a bit differently then Linux but close enough to where I can muddle through it. Using the console I can push out a Linux X app using the normal ssh connection and then setting the DISPLAY parameter. With starting with an xconsole, I just use the ssh -X and I’m off and running without using the DISPLAY parameter. And it works pretty damn good since my email connection has been up for over 24 hours now. My Windows PCs were not this stable, not bad but not this good.

I found this link at Apple’s site for developers which gives a good tutorial on X Windows with OSX.

My command of the day is scutil. In learning that the Mac does use certain parameter files (DNS comes to mind) the way I’m use to, I found that the hot ticket is to use this command along with configd. So I’m getting into the nuts and bolts now. And like Linux, documentation is sparse and incomplete. For example, here is the output of using scutil to see the DHCP config:

> get State:/Network/Service/0/DHCP
> d.show
Option_6 : 0xc0a832eb424ba029424ba02a
Option_58 : 0x00054600
Option_1 : 0xffffff00
Option_59 : 0x00093a80
Option_3 : 0xc0a83266
Option_53 : 0x05
Option_54 : 0xc0a832eb
LeaseStartTime : 07/07/2005 19:41:39 US/Pacific
Option_51 : 0x000a8c00

Makes a lot of sense right away doesnt it? So I’m digging around trying to find good info on this and a few other commands.

I did find this site for useful userland ports for Darwin. I also came across a site for crafting packets using a app called “Nemsis” (do you know where the nhame comes from? think Greek goddess) What does it do? Why this:
To quote “Nemesis can natively craft and inject ARP, DNS, ETHERNET, ICMP, IGMP, IP, OSPF, RIP, TCP and UDP packets. Using the IP and the Ethernet injection modes, almost any custom packet can be crafted and injected.”

cool stuff to be sure!! and it’s ported to the Mac!

Not to be forgotten is an old friend, Ettercap.

And for the record, the VMware session of my Fedora C2 test box has been up for over 48 hours non-stop. So far so good running VMware 5. workstation on my new server. The mac will happily talk to it so life is good


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