July 11, 2005

Open Windows

Posted in Commentary at 10:05 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Damn, it actually works now!! Whats that? what works? Oh thats right, you were not here 🙂 I FINALLY got the G5 to login to the new Windows 2003 SBS server and mount a share point. What a total pain in the ass in no small part to Microsoft being Microsoft.

I followed the directions for turning off the SMB encryption using a GPO and no joy. I reboot, no joy. I get no error on the Mac side, just a bad password or username. POS!!! So I’m screwing around tonight and I decide to work on it some more. Given that the remote Outlook doesnt want to play with the NAT on the firewall but thats a different story. I do some googling and I find it.. the one tip that MIGHT work..


The value of RequireSecuritySignature needs to be changed from ‘1’ to ‘0’.

I did not even need to reboot!!! OMG.. I have a share mounted on the Mac from the new server. Notice I did not say anything about Active Directory 🙂 Who needs it when all you want is a share point. So much for the vaunted Microsoft GPO way of handling security. Bunch of crap.. this is twice today that a system policy did not filter down like it should have.

Anyways… now it’s off to copycity to move files to my 500 gig share point 🙂

More! I found that my 2003 server had rewritten the reg hack this morning. A quick dig around shows that the directions I had tried in the very beginning were not for a BDC which my 2003 SBS server is. I needed to go to the Domain Controller Security Policy Editor and then go to: Security Settings, Local Policies, Security Options and set the “Microsoft network server: Digitally sign communications” to disabled. Now we should be golden, I’ll find out tomorrow AM 🙂


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