July 13, 2005

Upgrade Mania

Posted in Commentary at 10:00 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Good News!!! The newest patch for OSX is out, 10.4.2 and it really did help on response times using SMB. My wireless is still broken trying to talk to te Linksys that hope died. There was also a 40 meg “patch” for iPhoto which I have installed but not tried yet.

The reg tweak and GPO for domain controllers really worked well. The bit stayed flipped over night and I was able to access my share points without any issues. I might play with active directory just because I can right now. I just moved over 20 gig of photos to my new share points and another 200 gig of PDFs, applications and crap. Time for some clean up 🙂

My 500 sheets of microceramic photopaper arrived today. 500 sheets at 4 cents a sheet. Pretty damn cheap for those quick and dirty prints I always seem to need.

We plan to start a loft room addition in a few weeks.. and hopefully get it done before the new baby arrives. This will be number 3 for the girls and I’m soooo done with girls. I’m badly outnumbered now so I’ll quite while I’m not too far behind. With the loft comes a new home office in a cooler section of the house AND MORE BOOK SHELVES. A geek just can not have too many book shelves!


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