July 17, 2005

Media center? Maybe? hopefully?

Posted in Commentary at 6:51 am by Michael Sweeney Media

I read a post where there is a new Apple announcement in the wind. Rumors have it that it could be a media center. Hot Damn!! I will be one of the first in line. Right now I have a tivo clone I built using XP and Snapstream software. While it works pretty well, it is running Windows and needs to be rebooted once a month or so. The most damning evidence of Windows inablity to run something as simple as a PVR is from Snapstream themselves where they tried to use dot net for the database and after a year, gave up and stripped it out of the current release of software. Between patch issues, system lockups, corruption and so on, Snapstream gave up and went with a more conventinal database. It has to make you wonder how is it that something like dot net which has had millions of dollars thrown at it can not run a PVR without puking on itself.

I just read another piece where people are so mad at their systems (PC) because of viruses, spyware, etc.. that they are tossing them into the rubbish bin and buying a new one at three hundred bucks or so. Now, this brings up a security problem, are these people taking the time to wipe the disk before they toss the PC? Probably not.. One person interviewed by the NY Times reporter was showing off her new Apple notebook which replaced the normal ugly ivory colored PC.

Yesterday I went back to Entourage instead of using Mail. I really need an intergrated mail application and Mail was not doing it for me. I’m not sure Entourage is it either but it has some features which work better for me. It’s certainly not as configuration friendly as it could be but it is working so I guess I cant complain. I use IMAP here in the office so I can switch between several mail clients and keep all my mail right where I left it without any issues so that helps alot with this “testing” of mail clients.


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