July 25, 2005


Posted in Commentary at 6:29 am by Michael Sweeney Media

Some of you might have noticed that my entire site was offline for the better part of three days last week. And that some files are now missing 😦 The hosting service I use took a really, really bad power hit at a really, really bad time. I know this since I actually went down to the shop and inspected the site before I started using them and meet with the crew. OC Hosting is a great shop and the staff is helpful but the important part was that the building is on the same circuit as COX cable and the local firestation. Pretty safe yah? Well, it was until a contractor put their backhoe through the grid feed line. Twice..

The admins said they were down the first time for a few hours and it cost them a drive in one of the mega-arrays they use. Several hours later when the array was rebuilding, the contractor who had so much fun the first time, repeated the act of stupidity. This time the array did not bounce back. Something like 86 percent of the data was lost which included alot of my site. So after 3 days of no email and no site, I was told to start uploading any backups I had.. great.. just f**king great. Well, I did have backups for the site itself and I had most of the extra files. I did not have a backup of the forum database and some of the site I did not have documented. Things like the various paths I had set up for things like this blog. So it took a few days to work out most of the details and get things back. The blog should be working fine now including the archives. The funny thing is that 90% of my site I re-uploaded using my Mac and Fetch 🙂

Now.. on to Mac stuff 🙂 The next project now that Apple got the wireless straighted out is to install and confgure Open Door Networks two applications, “Who’s There” and “DoorStop” which is a Mac firewall and firewall management tool. I was going to do this installation this weekend but with all the “fun” of this week, I decided to hold off for a few weeks and let this dust settle.


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