July 27, 2005

More on cache and wayback

Posted in Commentary at 8:19 am by Michael Sweeney Media

In my last post, I used Google to bring up the cached version of a web page that Apple inisted to be removed. In today’s Wall Street Journal (7-27-2005) there is a very good piece about lawyers using the internet “wayback machine” to find proof of “things” such as old websites, statements, articles etc. You do need to be a paying member or at least a temp user to read the piece. But, I find the WSJ to be worth the annual fee. So take a look at it and remember that anything you put on the web can come back to haunt you much later than you think. I keep trying to tell people this on the newsgroups and people just dont get it. I sat in a deposition with a legal case against a very large ISP and the legal beagles from the ISP’s team had pulled up my own site from several years ago and had questions about it. The graphics were not there but all the text was. Not a problem in my world but it was interesting to watch the lawyers wave it around like they had dug up some gold.. not this time people 😉


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