July 31, 2005

itunes… NOT.. YAM this

Posted in Commentary at 9:06 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

I love my iPod.. but Apple has this nasty habit of trying to tell me what I can and can not do. So I found a cool piece of software called “Yamipod” which lets me use my iPod the way it SHOULD be used from my Mac, my Linux boxes and my Windows boxes. What this means is no longer will I get the nasty-ass message about my Windows formatted iPod on the Mac telling me I need to reformat it to work on my play lists etc. I just run Yamipod, turn off the autorun on itunes and whammo.. I can play music, delete sounds, move songs from the iPod to and fro and generally use it the way I want to use it, not the way Apple thinks I should use it. And it’s a FREEBIE… but I did send a donation of a few Euros since it’s so damn useful to me. And Apple, kiss my ass about trying to force me to use iTunes just to manage my own music. And yes, for those who care, all of my music is either mine that I ripped or I bought from Apple’s own store. So who want to carrry on about “stealing companies blind”, kiss my ass too. If I sound bitter, I am after being screwed by the music industry for so long on the CDs.


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