August 3, 2005

x86 Inside

Posted in Commentary at 7:01 am by Michael Sweeney Media

Logo from OSx86

So now we will see the little Intel logo attached to Mac? I hope not, I always thought that was too kitschy for my own taste. But having both Windows and OSX on the same box definitely is a draw in my book. I posted the info a few days ago with steps on this but the Google cache was cleared (shame on Google) and Apple pressured the site to remove the notes. But, I read the fine print and so did a few others and we feel Apple is off base with their complaining about reconfiguring the Dev hardware to dual boot. Regardless of what Apple would like to see in a perfect world, this aspect of their effort to take over the world is a lost cause.

I was sent (shouts to Ruey-Lung) a very cool site called OSx86 which is a site dedicated to the Intel OSX migration. The site has links and articles on Kernel programming, hacking OSX, reverse engineering OSX and more. You can also find the text from the before mentioned article on dual booting OSX and Windows.

Rumor also has it that you can find the DVD for Intel OSX on the torrents. I have not looked for it since I have way too many other projects right now. But, it leads to an interesting thought. If Apple is bringing out OSX for Intel, wont there be OSX Server for Intel? Does this mean I can recycle my Dell servers into real servers that dont blue screen ? Interesting thought and I’m sure one that gives the exec’s at Redmond some sleepless nights.


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