August 5, 2005

VPN me to the moon

Posted in Commentary at 6:41 am by Michael Sweeney Media

Whoooweeeeee… Cisco got it right, finally 🙂 I just downloaded (after Cisco reset my password, idiots for pissing off the security world) and installed the newest VPN client for OSX dated August 3rd, 05. Installed and it worked first time!! No mess, no fuss. Now the caveat, it worked with my new 3020 VPN concentrator with the newest code on it, it failed to connected on the old 3005 with very old code. I have not yet tried to connect to the PIX with the VPN but thats on the list. I’m just happy I can now use the RDP client to manage my servers and work from my Mac desktop at home instead of having to boot my laptop just to see a stat from a server. Of course, if Windows had decent stats, a real syslog process and real scripting, it might work better but thats another blog 🙂

Do yo believe that crap from Sony/BMG? Copy protect the CDs so they dont work on my iPod. Lets do the math, 70 percent of the market of MP3 players is owned by Apple with the iPod. So Sony is going to piss off 70 percent of their customer base because they are made about Apple’s own DRM (Fairplay) which Apple wont share with them? Screw Sony.. this is what drives people to steal the damn music.. too high of price or stupid decisions like this. Most people are pretty tolorant of DRM so long as they play their music when they want to, when they want to and on the device they want to. That is not too much to ask and in fact, it’s the law. Can Sony spell “fair use”? DRM like this is doomed to fail in the end between it being cracked and just the fact that Sony has pissed off their customers.

So when it Apple going to bring back the next generation of the Newton? The Palms are ok but really dated. Anything running MS Windows CE sucks as my iPaq needs a reboot every so often just like my desktop. At least Windows is consistent. Not to mention the layout and function of Windows CE is not, shall we say, the best for a hand held. The iPod would be an interesting stepping stone but I want something thin.. like the Razor phone that really can fit on my shirt pocket and not make me look lopsided from the weight. A SHARP screen that can be seen in real daylight while I’m sitting in my truck. I dont need games, MP3s, live video. I want names, addresses, notes, possibly email and my schedule. The basics, it’s always good to get back to the basics. Thats what made the first 3com/Palms so damn good. They were a PDA and damn good at it before they bloated into “all in one” bricks.


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