August 7, 2005

Radom thoughts

Posted in Commentary at 10:47 am by Michael Sweeney Media

I got my package from ComputerHQ which had the complete Extensis Photo Suite for 280 dollars vs. the normal 500. Wheee… I installed the pxl SmartScale which lets me enlarge my pictures without any lose (so sayth the Marketing hype). And I am very happy to report, that it works! I took a normal 8 megapixel print I took in Chicago and went from the 3264 pixel count at 72 dpi and went to 4426 pixels at 100dpi and printed both. You can not tell the difference at 8×10 and it’s only went you go up to around 140% that you can see the difference. No jaggies, chuncky looks. The print loses a bit of contrast but that is easily touched up. I tool another picture from the web at 2000 pixels and scaled it up to 8000 pixels. Perfectly usable at this scale of increase. You can actually pick up some detail but not alot. You can not make detail where there is not any to start with.

There was an interesting article on iLife for the Mac at 80 bucks vs. trying to patch together the same functionality for a Windows box at a few hundred dollars and in the end, still not having all o fthe fucntionality of iLife or the intergration. But, I still miss Picasa from Google for the quick and dirty clean up and editing. iPhoto just does not measure up to it. And Photoshop while I love it, it is using the sledge hammer when I just need a pair of nail clippers. The author seems to think that the Windows tools are better but then I get the distinct feeling that he has a personal bias.. really? a writer with a personal bias? tell me it’s not so 😉 Aside from his trying to convince himself that his PC is the better box, the article makes good reading. And as someone who has both boxes and has done fine art photography and written books on both the PC and Mac, I can state that he’s full of s**t about the Windows tools being over all superior. A couple of the tools are, not the lot of them and certainly not the OS. I traded a superior tool in the form of Picasa for something close on the Mac because I got very tired of the crashes, the spyware, the bloatware and so on. Having the OS crash in the middle of an complex Photoshop editing run is just short of justifiable homicide. And Windows is consistent if nothing else with crashes.

I’m going back to my Extensis projects 🙂


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