August 10, 2005

Chatty Mac

Posted in Commentary at 8:22 am by Michael Sweeney Media

While the supplied IM software is ok, I really wanted something more flexible. So I did some poking around and came up with Adium which is a multi protocol IM client that is very flexible. It reminds me of Trillian for Windows and has many features and “looks” that you can use.

The Cisco client that I am using for the VPN works ok but seems to have a problem in passing the DNS settings to the Mac client. I need to dig at this a bit more but it’s distressing that something as simple as DNS doesnt work right. As someone that has supported Cisco for years and recommended Cisco for same years, it’s unsettling to see in the last couple of years the over all quality fo Cisco TAC and software like the client falling down rapidily. I just had to explain to a TAC “Engineer” that I was using domain authentication on my VPN conncentrator and it was NOT the same as RADIUS and then I had to explain to him HOW NT authentication worked. I paid for this? When I call TAC, its because I have exhausted ALL of my knowledge and could not find the info anywhere else. The last thing I expect is to train the TAC engineer on my dime and time. And it’s not just me, I’m hearing the same stories from other friends of mine.


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