August 10, 2005

DNS me

Posted in Commentary at 9:49 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

I got the Mac client working with domain names over the VPN finally. No thanks to Cisco or their documentation. There is a check box on the VPN concentrator for using Split DNS names. Now, without that checked the Mac would not use DNS , BUT, the Windows boxes worked just fine.. go figure. But once I found the check box, checked it and now the Mac is very happy on the VPN. I can even RDP now to my various servers.

I also found this in a MS newsgroup about using Small Business Server with the Mac.. I’ve posted something like these before but it’s worth mentioning again.

Carbon Copy Cloner has been fixed to work with Tiger!!! yay!!!

> I installed the File sharing for Macintosh computers on my SBS server and, although the user has the proper write permission on a specific shared drive, she cannot access the server via SMB. Her computer is a Mac Os 10.3.9.

> She gets an error message saying in substance that either the server does not exist or the login/password is not approved. She has access to files on a different file server which is a LaCie NAS with XP Embedded and a product called PC Maclan installed.

> How can Mac OS X access shares on SBS without a third-party software? Is it possible?

Hey Nicolas.

Take a look at the setup instructions I’ve put on my site:

There are several sets of instructions for connecting via AFP (
) and SMB (

In your case, setting up Services for Macintosh on the SBS server will have no impact on SMB access. With Services for Macintosh, you would need to access the server using AFP

The specific problem you are seeing with the “server does not exist” error is that you need to disable SMB signing on the server if you wish to access files via SMB. Instructions for doing that:


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