August 13, 2005

Life will find a way

Posted in Commentary at 6:26 am by Michael Sweeney Media

This post is a bit different as you can see from the quote from Jurassic Park where Dr. Ian Malcolm is trying to explain his Chaos theory. What I am referring to is Apple’s attempt to control OSX in the wild running on Intel boxes. It is a lost cause, a complete and utterly lost cause in the big picture. As I suspected, it did not take long for the code to end up in the Torrent pool and now, we have the VMware images floating around. Not I will tell you exactly where to get it from, I will say that I have personally seen it there and available. VMware opens up a whole new world for those who are curious but really do not want to put out for a new box. Get the image, load it up, play for a while and say,”wow.. this OSX shit is pretty damn cool”. What a great way to drum up even more interest, not that OSX needs more drumming 😉

Just as a point of interest, if you really, really want to find the torrent, you need a client and I found something called “Tomato Torrent” which is a pretty clean OSX Bit Torrent client. And it’s free 🙂

There has been alot of press about the pending OSX to Intel migration but I have not seen very much from Jobs or other Sr Apple types since the official rollout. I have seen Microsoft thrashing like mad to get Bovine.. errr… Vista (what dumb name) out more or less on time. It’s not like Apple to stay this quiet.. but then perhaps they are reeling from the patent wars. What a mess that will be since a Microsoft researcher beat Apple to the Patent Office with the basic iPod menuing design. That is going to be fun to watch. But in Apple’s favor, just having the idea doesnt mean squat and so Apple will play the card that they “Apple” actually did something real with the idea whereas Microsoft sat on their backsides about it. Regardless, the lawyers will rich off this one and we the consumer will pay yet again.


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