August 25, 2005

Video Madness

Posted in Commentary at 7:51 am by Michael Sweeney Media

Ahhh.. the joys of video on the Mac. This was the prime reason I went with the Mac as video on my PC just plain sucked. Between the very slow processing times and the crashes, it was an utter and complete exercise in frustration. So I’ve been working with several new programs (new to me)..

A DVD clip extractor and uses virtually any video format.

Movie Montage

Movie viewer and organizer. I found this to be very useful for all my camera video clips.

And of course, the new Toast 7.0 for burning my CDRs and DVDs. 7.0 is an awsome product and it can read that new stinking format of the digital recorders like my Samsung. The speed of encoding a DVD is very good and it even talks to my OLD HP300 DVD burner.

Portfollio 7 has been a joy to work with. I’m still learning the ropes of the application but I’m getting there.

I keep waiting for new laptops from Apple. I hope they bring out some new Intel based laptops with decent screens. The iBooks have very dated screens compared to my dell laptops and I just can not see paying the premium price for that. Hopefully I can have one by the time I go to Rome next year šŸ™‚


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  1. dude if you want to deal with video you definitely should no tbe using an ibook. and ibooks are not “premium” at all, not even the price- $999. ANY pc laptop below 1500 is a stinking piece of raw bile- beleive me, i been looking for one to read pdfs on the train and such. What a losing battle there.

    I recently took some final cut classes and for the final some dude brought his ibook in with final cut installed on it. not only did i not say anything, i watched- along with the rest of the whole class as his project stuttered its way through 5 minutes of video. and his project sucked. Uh, sorry, back to the point. But an older 1.5 powerbook(aluminum, NO dual finger trackpad) if you can get one- i’ve had mine for 2 years and is the most sound mac purchase Ive ever made. just make sure the hd is at least 5400 speed and put at least a gig ram in there, and you are set. I definitely am.

    -ashmadux aka “stevie jobz”

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