September 3, 2005

Missing in Action

Posted in Commentary at 7:43 am by Michael Sweeney Media

I just found out today that Apple neglected to install a few applications like groupadd. How is that Apple could “forget” something as basic as this? Mac users would never use the command line? Stupid!! Anyways.. I found a site that offers a package called “OSXUserUtils 1.3” which seems to work with OSX Tiger. It’s a normal package that you uncompress from SIT and then install it. And it even works 🙂

What started this was the installation of CLAM Antivirus which you can see in the screen shot above.
I guess it is so ingrained in this ex-windows user that it will be just a matter of time before someone writes a virus for the Mac. So I’m working to see how well Clam works on the Mac. There is even a GUI available for it at ClamXav. I choose to install my AV from source files rather than using a package. Again, it’s a habit of mine to install security products from source since with a package, you are relying on someone else’s good or bad habits when they make the package. The source files installed just as they were expected to, the normal ./configure, make and make install worked just fine.

The new Roxio/Sonic Toast 7 is pretty nice. I installed it last week and it’s been flawless in burning CDs, DVDs and some DVD-RWs. I was able to get a 30 dollar rebate which knocked the price down to about 70 dollars. Not too bad! I was also able get a reasonable upgrade from TextWrangler to the full version of BBEdit for about 130 bucks. The upgrade comes from using TextWrangler and registering it and since it is free, it’s not a bad deal at all.

The new Plextor 16x dual layer drive is working perfectly on firewire. I bought a Venus DS5 case for it which offers both firewire and USB2.0. The mac and software picked it right up and Toast knows it’s a dual layer drive. Total cost was about 160 with the drive at 90 dollars and the case was around 70 dollars.


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