September 6, 2005

Stink’in Badges

Posted in Commentary at 7:11 am by Michael Sweeney Media

As some of you know, I’m a big fan of Flickr (assuming Yahoo doesnt ruin it shortly) and one of the fan-sites will let you print out a pretty cool looking “official” un-official badge 🙂 You have to love the name of the site when someone names it “flagrantdisregard

I got CLAM antivirus to work and sure enough, it found several viruses on my Mac. No, not Mac viruses, PC ones in the various collections of email I have. Most I knew were there but it did find a couple where I just had missed the email and apparently so did the server. But I’ve had several different email servers in the past two years so no surprise there.

It’s not real speedy but hey! the price is right and the GUI makes it easy to use.

Tonight is my Linux presention and I have to say after using the Mac for the past few months, installing software on Linux is like taking several steps back. But, once installed, Linux does work very well and I can do most things that I can do with the Mac. But still, the Mac shines at Video and Photo editing which is my main use of the Mac along with wasting bits on stuff like this blog 🙂

For the presentation, I have been using a package called “Captivate” from Macromedia. It’s like Camtasia but I find it alot easier to use in most cases. I did find a few times where Camtasia has it up on Captivate but so it goes. I have yet to find anything like this for the Mac, anyone have any ideas? I’m sure there is something out there.


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