September 10, 2005

What? Me Worry?

Posted in Commentary at 7:17 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

I found a cool LINK and PDF on securing a Mac using Tiger. The paper gives alot a good detailed information on securing Panther with updates for Tiger. I just updated my version of Skype since I’m contracted to write a chapter for new Syngress book on Skype.

I have been using Thunderbird for my email and like my PC, I’m pretty happy with it on the Mac. I’m annoyed that the Mac has IMAP but the PC version only has POP. Since my email server gets hit from all my systems at different times, I like to use IMAP so I always have the same email and structure.

iPod Access v3.5 works well. I just used it to move songs from my PC formatted iPod to my iTunes on the Mac. No mess, no fuss. It did miss a few songs but overall the fact it moved them at all was pretty useful.


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