September 15, 2005


Posted in Commentary at 6:59 am by Michael Sweeney Media

As time marches by, it brings change whether you like or not. We went from the original Classic Mac to Mac clones, to Newtons and now OSX. Next year we will be on an Intel platform for some of the systems and things change again.

We just expanded our household by one more daughter so it’s now three daughters and counting. Talk about change 🙂 It’s tough being the only guy in house of women. The change here much like the Intel change is enormous, newborns do that no matter if they are your favorite OS or a new baby girl. In both cases, you learn to love the change because it almost always is for the best.

Even our favorite toy, the iPod has changed. The new Nano has got to be THE sexy toy of the year. It’s small, light and just looks damn good. The new Sony “iPod killer” looks like crap next to it. Sorry Sony, you just do not have the touch.

Time marches on and change is inevitable. I, for one, am looking forward to the next year of change and will just enjoy the ride 🙂


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