September 24, 2005

Sites and Sounds

Posted in Commentary at 8:04 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Since I’m playing with Skype, I decided to take a look at Gizmo which does basically the samething. My first impressions are positive and that became stronger when I used it for the first time. The audio with Gizmo was better than Skype which has a “edgy” sound to it, a bit harsh as it were. I like the interface of Gizmo better and the Google mapping of the link is a great toy. Did I mention that Gizmo has on hold music?

What I can not do with Gizmo is to upload files which probably speaks to Skype’s origins from KaZaa as much as anything else. I can send a voice mail to someone even if they are off line by email which is pretty cool but no MP3 encoding 😦

I’ve had some minor stablity issues where Gizmo quits unexectedly but then Skype’s newest beta crashed on cancelling a call so it’s a wash in my book to who is more or less stable. I personally prefer the Gizmo frontend and “look and feel”.

I did testing of both Skype and Gizmo over wireless and over a Cisco VPN behind NAT. Gizmo has the better quality in the audio and both made the connection just fine. I should also mention that I was going from a Mac (mine) to a friends PC version of each software over in the UK. So we had VPNs, NAT, across the pond, wireless and mix platform which is a pretty good test I think. Gizmo also has it over Skype since Gizmo uses open standards so from a security perspective, I can do more to secure both the link and the data that may travel over it.


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