September 24, 2005

The Great Artist

Posted in Commentary at 9:08 am by Michael Sweeney Media

With the two year old showing all the signs of having a heavy right brain influence, much like her older sister, it was time to find a paint program for the Mac. I had a WACOM tablet that I had bought for the PC but it never worked well on it, the driver was crap. But on the Mac, it’s flawless. So after some hunting around, I found a very cool paint app from Ambient Design and it’s FREE!! It’s called Artrage 1.1 and you really have to play with it to appreciate the simplistic design and how well it works. The best feature for the two year is the ability to setup “tracing paper” using a existing image. I happen to use images like Elmo and Big Bird with letters for a high tech colouring book. The app takes up the entire screen so no matter where the tyke rolls the pen on the Wacom pad, nothing bad will happen.

If you have kids or evenif you just like to mess around as an artist, you really should explore this cool application. The price is right and who knows, you might get poor and famous from it 🙂 Artists never get rich, sorry 😉


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