October 7, 2005

Remote Me

Posted in Commentary at 9:49 am by Michael Sweeney Media

One of my complaints and gripes so far with my Mac has been the lack of remote access from my Windows boxes. But, I found an OSX version of VNC at Redstone. This version of VNC server has proven to be stable on my Mac. For the Mac version of the client, I am using Chicken of VNC for OSX. This has worked flawlessly on my iMac G5 and the client on a iBook G4. I’ve also been testing VNC on the OSX over my m0n0wall using static NAT. My Windows PC using version 4.x VNC is able to connect and control the G5 iMac. The connection has been stable and it connects each and every time.

The performance of the iBook is a pleasant surprise to me. I bought a refurbished iBook from Apple for a good price. The iBook is one of the newest versions with the 60 gig drive, 512Meg of RAM and including the shock sensor on the hard drive. I would prefer the powerbook to be sure but at 1K vs. the 2K for a powerbook, it was a no-brainer for now. Maybe next year I will break down to get the powerbook. Or maybe I’ll just wait for the new and coming Intel based notebooks.


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  1. Peter Burns said,

    I’m a fellow iBook owner, and I just thought I’d say that I got a significant speed boost from upgrading my ram recently. Got a good price at crucial as well.

    Anyway, I’m enjoying these posts, though I’ve been completely disappointed with Port Authority. The user interface has been very buggy for me.

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