October 16, 2005

Port of Darwin

Posted in Commentary at 3:08 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

One of the best things about OSX is that it is based on Darwin/BSD. This means that there are ports to Darwin of popular software like Gnome, Abiword, NMAP and many others. I already showed you the PortAuthority that helps manage the Darwin ports for easy installation and easy removal of the ports. In this sample I have installed and I’m running TinyCA which is a GUI management tool for OpenSSL and the managing of X.509 certificates. I also have a screen shot of NMAP with the Gnome based front end.

The ports are found at http://darwinports.com/ along with alot of information on making your own Darwinports from source files. Portauthority is really the tool of choice for handling the installation of the Darwinports.


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