October 22, 2005

Where have your bits been?

Posted in Commentary at 8:17 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Between diaper changes and chalk time on the driveway (I just taught the 2year old how to draw a body outline), I managed to find time to keep tweaking on the iBook and the iMac. I got Ethereal working with the Aqua front end I mentioned earlier. While ethereal is fine on the wired side, it’s not so happy with the airport express cards. Like not at all 😦 Oh well.. I also played around with iStumbler which is an OSX take off of NetStumbler. But, it picks up not just the 802.11 stuff, it gets bluetooth, Bonjour and more… very cool. See image number 1.

Ethereal was installed using Darwinports and PortAuthority. Went mostly perfect, I have seen that getting the files can be spotty. Website are down, time out or whatever but after a few days, you can normally get whatever it is that you want.

I found a couple cool shell sites. One found at xalasys.com is a complete tutorial on the bash shell which is now the default for Tiger. The second tutorial which is at LinuxCommand.org is written for Linux but it will also apply to OSX users.



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