October 23, 2005

Puff up OSX

Posted in Commentary at 9:58 am by Michael Sweeney Media

Odd title but given the software is named Fugu which is a very deadly Japanese puffer fish, it works. Fugu is a GUI client for OSX(duh!) for SSH, SCP SFTP. Nice easy to use interface and it’s FREE!! You can download it from Research Systems Unix Group. Make sure you tell them thanks for such a nice piece of programming. Everyone likes to be appreciated.

The more I dig for OSX gems, the more I’m impressed. The biggest difference I’ve seen as a Windows Switcher is that there is very little crap software that I have seen so far. Most has been very high quality even if I did not want it. Very unlike Windows where you have sort through a pile of crap to find a gem. But I keep finding nice, well written replacements for my Windows tools so the need for the Dell is becoming less and less with each passing week. I still hate the Mac keyboard, I really need to find a decent replacement.


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