November 8, 2005

No more Wifi

Posted in Commentary at 6:48 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

What? No more wifi? why would I do such a thing? Well, I am writing this entry usingmy new EVDO Sprint connection where I have a 1Mbp link (upstream) using a PCMCIA card and a cellular connection. So I dont have to hunt for hot spots or unsec ured sites (did I say that outloud?) It’s pretty cool on Windows, I found a site that offers a Mac driver so I will try it on my iBook on the near future. I was pretty skeptical about it but it has proven to be pretty reliable even at the poorest edge of connectivity. MAKE magazine had a piece using one of these with a WRAP board and a 802.11 board to make a portable hotspot. I have to try this, it just sounds too damn cool not to try it.

StreamCip has a new version that has a one button video iPod conversion. How cool is that? I am hoping Santa is very, very nice to me at Xmas this year 🙂

I bought a Ebay JVC MiniDV camcorder the other day to replace my 8mm deck for tape backups. Pretty sweet how it all works AND and I use it take video clips. I have to say, in the past week, my respect for iMovie and iDVD has been raised after really working with both programs to build some custom DVDs for the grandparents. 250 bucks was a bargin for the camera given it’s palm sized and take sa decent picture.

I have not yet looked at the new Powerbooks, I think the new screens would be too tempting to me. I know, I’m weak, very weak 🙂



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