November 17, 2005

Security Rant and Soapbox

Posted in Commentary at 12:32 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

I’m going to veer off the strict Apple/Mac/OSX topic a bit and cover something that many Mac owners are very ignorant of, and that is security. People who buy a Mac also buy into the lack of viruses, spyware, malware, trojans and other net-nasties. But, just because today you do not have to deal with it on your Mac, doesnt excuse a lack of knowledge of the real world around you. The much hated (and with just cause) Patriot Act (there is a twisting of words) is up for renewal and given the Neocon’s potensity to go overboard, they want everything left as is and even more power abuses added. The good news is that some moderate Republicans and Democrats in the house and Senate have finally found some backbone (for their own ends I’m sure) and are pushing back.

Sony has been public in their self administered head wound with the stupid act of using a “root kit” to install their DRM(Digital Rights Management) for their music CDs. To bad, so sad. Stupid fools.. what were they thinking? Or the real question is what were the turncoat programmers thinking writing that crap code? I guess the attraction of money has more pull with some then the ethics of an issue.

Identity theft is on the rise and with it, risk to your own future since “it’s in the computer” must mean it is correct regardless of how it got there.

All of these rants tie back to the MAc due to a conversation I had where the people claimed none it applied to them since they used a Mac. I will admit that the Mac can protect you from alot of things but lets be real here. As Apple gains market share back from Windows, OSX will become more attractive to the malcontents on the net and sooner or later there will be someone written for OSX that will be a nasty surprise. THe arguement can be made that OSX has a secure security model and that wont happen. Bet me. What one man makes, another man can hack. It’s just a matter of time.

For those interested in security, a very cool site is found at and this site offers almost 800 slides of security tutorials and information.


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