December 25, 2005

Happy New Year

Posted in Commentary at 10:14 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Santa was good this year. I got Postfix running on a new (used) Mac mini and I’m about ready to bring it up as my production email server. I was able to find a mini for 400 bucks with 1.42Ghz, 80 gig drive and a gig of RAM. No wireless but I will survive 🙂

A 30 gig video iPod found it’s way home with me thanks to my bro. Whoooweeee.. very cool widget. The first thing was to cover up the face with some extra PDA screen protection. I have to say I’m impressed by how clunky it makes my old 10 gig Gen3 look which in it’s day was the hot item. No firewire though, whats up with that crap? My eldest daughter got her new Harry Potter Photo iPod so it’s a iPodding family this year.

I’m playing with some new backup software called “Dobry Backup“. Clean interface but the testing so far is still up in the air. Now I will admit trying to backup 30 gig over the wireless is pushing things a bit so I will get the iBook onto a wired connection and let it rip. I’ve also been playing with Camino and I have to say I like it alot.


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