December 27, 2005

Yippie Ki Aye

Posted in Commentary at 8:15 am by Michael Sweeney Media

Name that movie 😉 Anyways, what we have today is a niffty tool for ten bucks that is called “Podner” and can be found at Splasm Software. This is a super easy to use converter of video to the video iPod format with both quick and dirty or multipass high quality conversion if you have the time. You do not have to be a command line junkie or a geek to use this applet which makes very useful for the non-techie Mac user in the family. Yes, I know apps like STreamclip will do the same for free but the interface on this one is so damn friendly 🙂 I have converted DV, raw vide from my miniDV camera, MPEG from the digital camera and some QT files, all converted witout a hitch (pun intended). If you use it 10 times, it’s a buck a clip which is a pretty fast ROI. Check it out!

Just a follow up. I used Podner to convert a copy of a show I had captured with my homebrew PRV in MPEG2 format. The show is 30 minutes and I used the double pass for quality. It took about four hours but the show was very clean and sharp and is now about 700 meg in size. I’m trying converting the show to QT first in order to get some editing and then crunch it to see if I can get some more speed out of Podner.


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