December 31, 2005

A Canon for the New Year

Posted in Commentary at 9:39 am by Michael Sweeney Media

I gave my last HP printer the axe yesterday. After struggling with my D135 all in one printer under XP and finding the only piece that worked under OSX was the printer, I decided once and for all to kiss off HP. My Epson 1280 is still my faithful workhorse color printer but for my all in one, I went with a Canon MP950. OMG.. the pictures are awsome that come out of this printer. You can not see the dots even on standard quality. The printer has Canon’s high end scanner with a card reader and a six color dye ink tank for color prints and a doublesize pigment ink tank for text documents. The Canon will also use every drop of ink in the cartridge before it stops printing, unlike HP, Lexmark and Epson. The printer also does duplex printing and has dual feeds so that the photopaper can go straight through and the normal paper can wrap from underneath in a paper tray.

Did I mention it supports OSX? All of it works under OSX, the printer, the scanner, the OCR software, all of it. And it works pretty well. The installation is a bit kludgy, I had to make an alias for the MP Navigator application and put it on the desktop myself. No Big deal but it’s these little things that can drive the non technical person to drink.

The printer is very quiet and pretty fast considering. It’s big, about the same size as the D135 but not as tall and no faxing from the printer. But the Mac will fax and since the scanner works, I just have to fax now from the Mac rather from the keypad on the D135. Minor complaint but I can live with it.

I ran a test of scanning a page of printed text and the OCR picked it all up and the formatting but missed the smily face and the @ symbol in a HTTP address. Again, minor complaints but this is the SE version of a better package so it may be worth upgrading later on. But for free, it worked really well.

Scanning pictures and emailing them was painless, very easy and quick to do. There is a slide/film adapter but I have not tried it yet.

The printer is PictBridge compatible with the plug right in front. The printer also has a nice LCD screen but it doesnt tip back far enough with the printer at waist level to see it, I have to get down on my knees or in a chair. The onboard menus are easy to use and make sense of.

A subjective perception is that the printer very “solid” feeling when you use it, it does not have the cheap and flimsy feeling that the HPs have.

Now I need to see how thirsty this beast is when printing pictures. The Epson is terrible which is why I have a CIS system attached to it. The HP was not any better and it was very expensive to feed on top of things.


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  1. BB said,

    I am trying to decide between the MP950 or the coresponding HP 3310 and wanted to know your opinion. The main reason for the HP is for the networking. Why wasn’t that a deciding factor for you

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