January 16, 2006

Here little piggie

Posted in Commentary at 8:15 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

What sound does the pig make? SNORT!!! I’ve set up Snort on more than a few Linux boxes and I wanted to try it on my Mac. But I had visions of a terrible time in trying to compile down the binaries as I have had with a few other applications. But, I stumbled over a prepackaged Snort which also has a way cool front end to help configure it. And prepackaged means that I downloaded it, opened the DMG package and dragged it into a folder. How cool is that? See the pics below. Now I have a chance of dragging a Mini into the office which is MS-centic 🙂 So if you want to play too with Snort on OSX, go to Nicks Software Page and grab “Henwen“. So go there, download and go snorting!



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