March 12, 2006

Fort Apache

Posted in Commentary at 2:13 pm by Michael Sweeney Media

Yeah, a poor reference to a movie but that is what my poor Mini is now 🙂 I have placed it out on the wire as a real email server. And you know, it rocks at being an email server. I am using MailServe which I have talked about before and in the past few months of use, has proven to be very reliable and stable. I have not seen a single hickup contributed to the application. And now I have put in real Apple memory, the Mini is much happier itself. Given how well the Mini works, this is a very viable option for anyone in a small office or even a bigger office with careful tuning. Even with exchange you could use the Mini as the front end given the Mac is inherently more secure than Windows and Postfix with SpamAssasin makes a niffty anti-spam tool.

I love the discussions I have been involved with lately debating the pros and cons of Windows and OSX. People forget that the OS doesnt know who or what it is. Either works and can work well within certain constraints. So to shoot off your mouth that OS A is better than OSB just shows the world A: how biased you are and B: since you are biased, not to believe a word you say. Personally, I use both every single day. There are parts of Windows I despise and there are parts of OSX that could stand to borrow some ideas from Microsoft and I have detailed some of these complaints in the past blogs.

I have a couple of new books that I’m reading. Two are from Spiderworks and the first is called “MAc OS X technology Guide to Automator” which is written by Ben Waldie. Nice book for anyone trying to actually use OSX’s Automator which I am right now. SpamSieve stops spam but doesnt empty the folder so I have a script in Automator that will trash eveything in the folder and then empty the trash. Now I have some other ideas of more advanced scripts using Automator and the book is becoming very useful.

The 2nd book from Spiderworks is “Learn C on the Macintosh OSX Version ” and this is how I am getting back into the saddle of programming again. The last time I wrote a programin C was the days of “Turbo C” by Borland 🙂 So for those that know, this dates me pretty well. I find the book an easy read with clear examples of code to work with. Next on my list is to learn how to use COCOA to build up some nice GUI interfaces.

Both of these books are PODs just like my own book “Network Security Using Linux” which is published via With companies like Lulu, being a self published author became MUCH easier. Dont kid yourself, it is still alot of work to get it right but at least the paper side is easier now. The internet really has leveled the playing field in some areas and publishing is one of them.


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